Welcome to LAHAJA – a brand born out of the love to showcase the unmatched beauty and heritage of the Afro-Caribbean culture. We are passionate about creating versatile, innovative, timeless, and stylish pieces for those who are proud of their heritage and would love to express their culture through their style and space.

We focus on delivering premium wardrobe essentials and home décor that connect you to your roots and ensure you always have a piece of home. At LAHAJA, we believe less is more and deliver minimalist pieces you will love and wear for years to come.

We pride ourselves on the quality and versatility of our products. LAHAJA will leave you feeling confident and stylish no matter the occasion. Each piece we offer is designed and curated by Maya Angelle, an Afro-Caribbean creative from Kingston, Jamaica. Her vision is simple – elevate your staples by buying better, so you can buy less.